The Descendants

She’s 17, has her nose pierced, and has started dating so don’t tell me about your problems!! She’s also beautiful. Dammit. Why couldn’t she look more like her father?!

She is smart, clever, and caring. She’s doing volunteer work because she WANTS to…so you know, maybe I did a few things right. We’ll see.


He’s 10 and so freakin great. He’s so loving and creative that I almost don’t care when he tells me at 9:00 p.m. that we have new pets….a container full of snails, sitting right on his dresser. I ALMOST don’t care. The snails slept in the garage and were set free the next morning.

I constantly fail his Pok√©mon pop quizzes, but he still loves me. The look of disappointment is real though. I think he’s beginning to realize that no matter how much he schools me, my brain is just not going to retain the information.