Favorite Things


I switched coffee brands this week because on some level I must be a masochist. NEVER AGAIN. I can’t even wake up to save my life. Let me proclaim that this gem is superior to all other store bought brands of coffee. I am sorry, CafĂ© Bustelo, that I strayed. You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.



Discovered this little concoction while at the beach a couple of weeks ago. Jonesing for a cocktail while laying on the sand, we did what any mature adults would do. We broke the law and it never tasted so good. Pick up some Seagram’s 7 Crown Whiskey and a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew (or regular if you really want to live on the edge). Mix and consume.




Even though I love soaking up some sun, I’m slightly obsessed with moisturizing and caring for my skin. There is nothing better than this..

My mother, who has beautiful skin, told me about this Vitamin C Serum and I’m sold!


Some of the benefits:

ArtNaturals Enhanced Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 1 Oz - Top Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging & Repairs Dark Circles, Fades age spots & Sun Damage - 20% Vitamin C Super Strength - Organic ingredients


Keeps your skin firm and hydrated

Full of antioxidants

Can be used underneath makeup

Prevents wrinkles

Makes you a better mom, cook, and employee


Ok, that last one might be a stretch, but try it and you’ll love it…or don’t and enjoy your saggy skin. Xo