So there I was… having a beer, listening to music on the Jukebox, and making mindless conversation with an Elderly man. Not just any man, but a regular at this establishment and one who has somehow endeared himself to me over the last couple of years. His words are often hard to understand, but he asked me what song was playing because he thought it was awful. I looked it up and replied, “It’s called, At Your Funeral, by Saves the Day.”
His response was the clearest I’ve ever heard him speak, “Psshh, I’ll play the bongos at your funeral.”
My mind immediately jumped to the footage of Matthew McConaughey playing the bongos naked a few years back, obviously.
When I came to, I wasn’t sure if I should say thanks or if he had been waiting for the opportunity to tell me just how he would celebrate my death.
Either way, I’m taking it as a way to celebrate the life of someone you liked.
Having said that, if any of you weirdos show up naked to play the bongos at my funeral, I will unfriend you in the afterlife.

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